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Karelore _

Stages of Production

Karelore is a project based on the myths of the region of Karelia – a region on the Eastern side of Finland and on the Western side of Russia – full of history, contradictions, legends and myths.

The tale tells a story of the relationship between a grandson and his grand-mother, and their seemingly separate visions of life.
As he grows up, he finds her rituals nonsensical and he longs for the clarity of an organized city life.
As she ages, she finds the city to be cruel and relies on her rituals to bring meaning to life.
And so they are pulled apart.
The story follows this separation as both characters move through different states of solitude: a prideful solitude, an abject solitude, a healing solitude.
The question of identity and the quest for belonging are at the center of this film’s search for meaning and understanding.


/ Research & Development
/ Style and General look
/ Composition
/ Stop Motion techniques + materials
/ Shots that represent key atmospheres or moments
/ Development of moodboards and colorscapes for the film
/ Determining pattern motifs




/ Animation & Ambiance tests
/ Stop Motion Tests
/ 2D FX proof of look tests
/ Key Shot rough animation